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UFJ&B Oil and Gas Partners Interviewed for Law360 Articles

Law360, a subscription based, legal news service operated by the Portfolio Media company, a subsidiary of LexisNexis, recently published a three part series written by Jess Davis on how changing oil prices are affecting the legal landscape in the Eagle Ford Shale.

In Part One, “Sinking Oil Prices Drive Fresh Legal Work In Eagle Ford,” Trace Burton discusses the negotiations between the oil companies and the landowners to maintain existing leases as they patiently wait for oil prices to bounce back.

In Part Two of the series, “Eagle Ford Attys Gear Up For Gush of Lease Disputes,” Joseph Fitzsimons and Trace Burton discuss how surface and mineral owners possess more sophisticated leases that allow them to keep their ranches, for the most part, as they were before the oil boom, with an emphasis on the environment. In addition, this break in drilling because of the drop in oil prices has given royalty owners time to make sure the oil companies are paying as required by their leases.

In Part Three of the series, “Oil Slowdown Won’t Stop Enviro Fights Over Eagle Ford,” Ezra Johnson speaks about the Texas Legislature’s role in regulating emissions, water and air quality, and the impact it will have on the land and landowners who live amid the rigs and pipelines. Joseph Fitzsimons discusses the growing amount of water used for fracking and its impact on fresh water in Texas, and the anticipated restrictions on such water use.