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Law360, a subscription based, legal news service operated by the Portfolio Media company, a subsidiary of LexisNexis, recently published a three part series written by Jess Davis on how changing oil prices are affecting the legal landscape in the Eagle Ford Shale. In Part One, “Sinking Oil Prices Drive Fresh Legal Work In Eagle Ford,” Trace Burton discusses the negotiations between the oil companies and the landowners to maintain existing leases as they patiently wait for oil prices to bounce back. In Part Two of the series, “Eagle Ford Attys Gear Up For Gush of Lease Disputes,” Joseph Fitzsimons and…
The partners of Uhl, Fitzsimons, Jewett & Burton, PLLC, were highlighted in a recent San Antonio Business Journal article, "Renegotiating the Shale".  The article focused on the rights of property owners as they negotiate and renegotiate their oil and gas leases, in order to better address surface use issues, continuing mineral development and royalty payments.  To view the entire article, click here: